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The GSP Service Center for fleet renewal will assist shipping companies with specific, green building projects. The Service Center will support the letter of intent on the renewal of cargo ships between the industry and the government.

GSP Service for rederier (GSP Service for shipowners)

The Norwegian coastal and short-sea cargo ship fleet is characterized by a high average age and old technology and is thus a significant emitter of greenhouse gases and other emissions to air. There is a great need for green fleet renewal. Shipping companies often lack the financial strength, technical competence and capacity required to carry out fleet renewal, especially since green technologies are new. This is the background for the GSP Service Center – an operational initiative that will help to accelerate green renewal of the cargo ship fleet.

The Service Center will help shipping companies assess, specify and finance cost-effective newbuilds based on the “need to have” principle and the lowest possible construction cost, but which nevertheless achieves significant reductions in emissions to air.

The Service Center will help shipping companies all the way from early phase assessments to contracts with shipyards being signed. The services are structured in two packages:

Package 1 – Screening analysis. The Service Center will contribute with:

  • Simple investment analysis of the company’s potential newbuilds
  • Evaluate if the project is financially viable
  • Examine support schemes, both private and public funding opportunities
  • Summary of decision material, criteria, and recommendations for continuation

Package 2 – Investment analysis and design support. The Service Center will contribute with:

  • Preparation of technical specifications/engineering support
  • Overview of prices for newbuild projects (e.g. various propulsion systems)
  • Assist the shipowner in applying for private and public support schemes
  • Detailed investment analysis – support for technical/financial analysis
  • Assist shipowners with applying/bidding for green tenders
  • Summary of decision material, criteria, and recommendations for continuation

The price of the service must be at a level that makes the Service Center attractive to shipping companies – between free and low cost depending on the interest in the services. To speed up the program, package 1 will be guaranteed free of charge to the first five shipping companies. Package 2 will be free of charge to the first two shipping companies. It is not the intention that the Service Center should deliver services that are in competition with well-established services being offered in the market today, from e.g. ship designers, class companies or consultants. The purpose is to fill a void where there are currently no established services. The purpose is above all to speed up a green fleet renewal program where there will be positive climate, environmental and business effects for all players in the value chain.

Furthermore, it is important that the Service Center does not have a distortive effect on competition. Especially in connection with tender competitions, transparency is important, to ensure that all bidding shipping companies have the same information about what the Service Center can contribute. The Service Center shall offer competence development on equal terms.

Contact for shipping companies


Christoffer Bøhmer
Consultant in Maritime Environmental Technology


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