Pilot realization

A leap towards a real ship

The next step, after ideas have been developed and matured, is to transfer the projects to a specific follow-up phase. Tenders will be announced, solution proposals will be obtained, and specific choices will be made.

The following pages will also be used as a meeting place and information sharing for shipowners,
yards, suppliers within the Fleet Renewal Program.

Current projects

  • Felleskjøpet Agri / HeidelbergCement: Felleskjøpet Agri and HeidelbergCement have set an ambitious goal: A sustainable transport system without greenhouse gas emissions, which involves the world’s first zero-emissions bulk carrier.
  • AT Skog and NorStone collaborate on a green charter agreement. The two companies want to contribute to fleet renewal and in particular to a coastal fleet of zero-emission bulk carriers. Due to these ambitions the extended shipping community has been invited to dialogue in the form of an RFI process.

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