Fleet renewal

GSP Service Center for green fleet renewal

The Norwegian coastal and short-sea cargo ship fleet is old and in need of renewal. The demand for green ships is currently low, and there is little willingness to pay for reduced emissions.

The GSP Service Center will contribute to creating sector-specific markets for the use of green technologies as a basis for fleet renewal, contribute to establishing green private and public financing, and help shipping companies to build green vessels and bid for green tenders issued by cargo owners (i.e. buyers of transport services). These are practical measures that will help to realize the “Letter of Intent on the renewal of cargo ships” between the government and the industry.  

Experiences from the Green Shipping Programme over the past five years show that the most important thing we can do to achieve an efficient green transition is to quickly develop markets for the use of green technologies. At the same time, shipping companies often lack the financial strength, technical competence, and capacity to carry out fleet renewal. The Service Center will therefore be geared towards both buyers and providers of transport services, and tailor-made services will be offered to cargo owners and shipping companies, respectively.

Develop green markets by working actively with buyers of transport services

  • Identify cargo owners with an interest in green shipping
  • Assist cargo owners with developing green tenders/requests
  • Identify large projects with the potential for long freight contracts
  • Collaborate with the entire value chain to standardize environmental requirements

Support shipping companies with conducting investment analyses and carrying out building projects

  • Simplified and thorough investment analyses
  • Assistance with tenders
  • Assess and establish green requirement specifications for cargo ships
  • Assistance with support schemes and financing

The Service Center for green fleet renewal is not intended to deliver services that are in competition with well-established services that are delivered in the marked today from e.g. ship designers, class societies or consultants. The purpose of the Service Center is to fill a gap where there are currently no established attractive services. The aim is to speed up the green fleet renewal where there will be a positive climate, environmental and economic effects for all players in the value chain.

Contact GSP Service Center for green fleet renewal

Eivind Dale 
Phone: +47 93 05 98 22


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