Technology radar – seeks emerging green technologies

The Green Shipping Programme (GSP) has a continuous need to elevate and pilot emerging green solutions for the maritime industry. The Technology Radar is seeking new technologies with potential for further development and concretization through collaboration within the GSP. Norwegian maritime industry is world-leading in green shipping. This position is a result of growth and development over time, where the most important success criterion has been the ability to innovate and to see new technological opportunities. Other success criteria are the ability to cooperate and share information, to draw on each other’s professional competence and to apply the strength that lies within the Norwegian maritime cluster.

To maintain this position, the entire industry needs to be forward-looking, constantly seeking new solutions where technology is utilized and developed. The Technology Radar shall feed GSP with pilot candidates. A rough screening of the different solutions shall be evaluated in the partner meeting where the interested GSP partners participate. The most promising pilot candidates is then presented and proposed for further piloting.

Goal of pilot project

The Technology Radar will provide high-level insight and overview of emerging green technologies and fuels, with the objective of identifying candidates for pilots. All members in the Green Shipping Program are invited and can participate.


The technology radar was launched in late 2020 with the objective to continuously evaluate and identify candidates for pilots. No end date is defined for the activity – the work will continue as long there is an interest in the industry. GSP partner meetings are carried out regularly, and the Technology Radar’s database with green solutions is growing. Pilot proposals are presented during GSP partner meetings.

March 2022

Three new technologies are initiated after they were presented during the Technology Radar GSP partner meeting in February. The dashboard now covers 16 technologies, each of which has a one-page report describing the green technology.

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