DFDS stålseil i boks Econowind

Sail in a box

The vision for this pilot is to utilise wind energy for a significant reduction in the carbon footprint in coastal and short-sea shipping. The pilot will examine a flexible and container-based solution from Econowind.

Independent analyses will identify the potential for reducing fuel consumption on fixed-route ships between Central Norway and Europe using steel sails. The analyses will be carried out using both simulation models and full-scale testing of the container-based solution.


In November 2019 the first container with sail was mounted on board one of DFDS’ ships. The original plan was to conduct a two-month test period. Due to technical problems, the test had to be cancelled. New dimensions and new sails are under consideration.

In parallel, simulations of the effect of the sail solution on the same ship are underway for one year of operation in the same route based on AIS data and historical weather data in DNV’s simulation model.

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