Hybrid aquaculture vessel

The use of LNG in combination with batteries can make ships that serve the aquaculture industry more energy efficient and reduce emissions significantly.

This pilot has investigated which hybrid propulsion system works best to reduce emissions, how energy efficiency also can benefit cooling systems and how overall operating costs can be kept at a low level.

In the ship development phase, it has been crucial to find the most environmentally friendly solutions and at the same time maintain safe operation during ordinary sailing and during loading and unloading – for example at the fish farms, in addition to simple maintenance of the vessel.

A specific vessel has been designed and a shipbuilding contract has been agreed upon between shipowner Egil Ulvan Rederi and Tersan Shipyard, Turkey in 2019.


Egil Ulvan Rederi is in the process of building the world’s first plug-in hybrid cargo ship that also serves the aquaculture industry. It is a very advanced and environmentally innovative ship.

The ship is designed for flexible and combined transport of general cargo, refrigerated goods and container cargo.

The new ship, which will be named “Oddrun With”, will mainly operate on LNG. A battery pack will also be installed, enabling optimal operation of machinery and power reserves when needed.

It must be possible to charge the battery pack using shore power and the battery pack should have enough capacity to operate the vessel fully electric, for example when manoeuvring to the port or the fish farms e.g.

The vessel will also use cold recovery from LNG (refrigerated gas – minus 163 degrees C) to cool the freezer compartments.


In the summer of 2022, Egil Ulvan Rederi was handed over the new ship “Oddrun With” from Tersan Shipyard in Turkey.

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