Hydrogendrift pilotprosjekt

High-speed hydrogen-powered passenger vessels

In several countries, not least along the Norwegian coastline, small high-speed passenger vessels are an important part of the infrastructure. However, speed has its price. Emissions from the existing vessels are sky high, measured per passenger-kilometre.

The aim of this pilot is to realise a small high-speed hydrogen-powered passenger vessel. Specifically, the pilot considers a vessel with a capacity of 100-150 passengers on the route Florø-Måløy in Vestland county.

Hydrogen will eliminate emissions from the vessel. Clean water is the only emission after the conversion of hydrogen in fuel cells, provided hydrogen is produced in the most environmentally friendly way.

Hydrogen without CO2 emissions can either be produced from hydro, wind or solar power (green hydrogen), or from natural gas with CO2 capture and storage (blue hydrogen).

The pilot has further developed and adapted a ship design for hydrogen operation and has analysed feasibility, investment and operating costs, payback time, and environmental benefits for the abovementioned passenger vessel on the Florø – Måløy route.


Vestland county municipality has a key role in the realisation of the pilot. The county municipality has ordered zero-emission solutions for eight of the high-speed ferries in the county, with gradual delivery between May 2022-May 2024. A hydrogen-powered vessel for a unique pilot route could be realised through innovative procurement (e.g. in a development contract).

The pilot has produced an important factual basis for the procurement process

The pilot has been presented to Prime Minister Erna Solberg, and the pilot initiators and Solberg have discussed issues related to project financing and realisation with the initiators.

In 2018, the pilot received ZERO’s (environmental foundation) award for this year’s local climate action.

The goal is to have high-speed hydrogen-powered passenger vessels in operation from 2023 or 2024.

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