Østensjø grønne smarte skip

Green, smart ships

New technology solutions and the ongoing digitalization of ship systems provide shipowners the opportunity to further optimize their vessel operations, which can reduce fuel consumption and emissions. A general method for safe and efficient collection of operational data is required for the implementation of a system for optimal fuel consumption.


For the shipowners, the pilot has clarified specific steps one must take to implement a fuel optimization system based on the collected data. This includes, among other things, the choice of data platform. Østensjø Rederi has now (in early 2020) installed Kongsberg’s (R&R) Energy Management System on the vessels. Automatic data transfer has been demonstrated to Unisea (Østensjø Rederi’s maintenance system), but implementation has not been completed.

The pilot has also developed a specification of sensors, communication protocols and IT solutions on board and on shore that enable data collection and analysis from multiple suppliers, as well as technical and organizational changes regarding cyber security for shipowners. The pilot has raised awareness of fuel consumption for crews through clear visualization of data. As a result, this has shown demonstrable effects on reduced fuel consumption. All Edda Wind vessels have been equipped with data logs and cloud solutions similar as investigated in the pilot. The cloud solution will be applied for different distribution purposes internally and externally. One of the key benefits of this system is the “sale” of data to the end customers who pay for operational data they receive.

The first vessel with this new technology is scheduled to be delivered during the summer 2022 (Edda Breeze) and Østensjø will explore additional opportunities that emerges when the vessels starts to operate. One opportunity and functionality is the potential to retrieve data to the e.g. Power BI tool directly from the cloud API.


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