Equinor hydrogeninfrastruktur

Hydrogen infrastructure from the sea

Access to hydrogen where ships sail is critical if hydrogen is to be a relevant ship fuel and one of the solutions for realising the goal of zero emission shipping. This pilot will investigate where and how hydrogen can best be used. Can a maritime hydrogen infrastructure be developed for Norwegian short-sea shipping, based on the needs of shipping?

The pilot focuses on value chains for the supply of hydrogen to Norwegian coastal shipping and short-sea shipping in the North Sea and will consider opportunities for establishing supply chains of hydrogen using vessels along the Norwegian coast.


The pilot was established in early 2018. Several case studies are being developed to investigate the potential, costs and benefits in various parts of the shipping industry, and how this may affect the development of a hydrogen market with associated demand.

Equinor contributes its own concept for utilisation of existing plants where natural gas can be used for centralised production of cheap hydrogen.

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